Retro Hugos & March Scide Splitters

Scide Splitters Mar 2016 Image 1bHugo and Retro Hugo nominations close tonight, so if you have been procrastinating your vote, time is running out.  If you need a reminder list of some fantastic short stories eligible for the Retro Hugos, check out this list.

March has another Scide Splitters (in case you are wondering how that works, I am on a four week schedule at Amazing Stories).  This time I look at Ben Bova’s The Starcrossed.  The story is loosely based on Bova’s real experience as technical advisor for The Starlost, a 1973 television show that demonstrated nearly all the pitfalls that can sink a promising SF television series.


February Scide Splitters

My latest Scide Splitters review is out at Amazing Stories.  It is both a review of Connie Scide Splitters Feb 2016 Image 1Willis’ Uncharted Territory, as well as an examination of why romantic comedies always seem to be funnier at the beginning of the story.

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