Short Stories



Forthcoming November 2017 – due to be published in an anthology tentatively titled Children of Edward Bryant.  More details to follow.

A story of how the residents of a small town react to the news that a supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has reached a state of self-awareness.


“Spooky Action”Cats Breakfast

Published in Cat’s Breakfast: Kurt Vonnegut Tribute anthology edited by Juliana Rew – Third Flatiron Publishing.  Since this is the lead story, you can read it using the Look Inside feature at Amazon.

A university physicist accidentally contacts God while conducting experiments in quantum entanglement, a.k.a. spooky action at a distance.

Christos Antonaros had this to say in his review for Tangent online: “…Sarcastic and humorous, with an imposing inner monolog, this is a brilliant and funny read.”


“Time and Not Space”galaxys-edge-cover-november-2016

Published in the November 2016 issue of Galaxy’s Edge magazine.

About a time machine and meatloaf.



“The Ghost of Ghost of ToweldayTowel Day Yet to Come: A True Story (sort of)”

Published at Amazing Stories Magazine.  Read it for free here.

In which Douglas Adams and the Marx Brothers help me learn of the true meaning of Towel Day.