A Little Something for the Fanbots

A good sized portion of my visitors here are bots from China and elsewhere, or at least it seems that way to me. And how do I repay them for the loyalty they show this site on a daily basis? By starving them for content. Ungrateful cur that I am, I haven’t posted an update here in over a year. All kidding aside, I do apologize for the lack of updates. Although outnumbered by bots and unfortunates misdirected here by search engines, some of you actually want to know what is going on and when you can read more of my stories.

I’ve spent much of the past year trying to write a novel, a battle royal between my inner demons and angels for control over the direction of the book. At times, it has felt like a battle for the direction of my soul. All the while, I’ve been distracted with one (and often two) eyes on the insanity of the world outside my window.

Actually, I don’t have any windows in my writing office, which happens to be an old fallout shelter in the basement. Yet the world gets in anyway. The fallout shelter offers me as much shielding as it would have to occupants during the cold war, which is to say none. Colorado Springs is bordered by military installations to the north, south, east and west. Residents needn’t have worried about fallout; they were not going to survive that long.

But I digress. I owe you an update. The novel is still in progress. I hope to have it in the hands of beta readers at the beginning of the year. Currently unpublished short stories continue to look for homes. Convention appearances have all been cancelled due to COVID (including COSine which will not return until 2022), and I am not inclined to participate in online digital conventions. There you have it.