David A. Kilman writes humorous science fiction in addition to writing reviews on his Scide Splitters blog at Amazing Stories Magazine.  He started writing science fiction in second grade with a story about a pig abducted by aliens (complete with crayon illustrations).  In the 1990s he wrote a humor column for a local magazine, but the transition to fatherhood forced him into more creatively rewarding subjects like technical documentation.

Dave has swapped careers like some people change college majors.  Occupations have included bookseller, elected public official, court clerk, technical support, middle management, commodities trader and for the last several years, homeschool teacher.  As his children started leaving the nest, it occurred to him that he could return to his one true career aspiration – writing.

Dave grew up in the pseudo space age and thought that he would be living on Mars by now.  Instead, he lives in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak.  It may not be Mars, but he still probably has a nicer view out his window than you do.

He also thinks it is weird writing about himself in third person and wonders why it is the norm among bloggers.

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