My 1943 Retro Hugo Reading List

hugo_smLooking for things to read for the 1943 Retro Hugos?  Here is my reading list in hopes that it may give you some ideas.  Note that 1943 Hugos are awarded to stories that had their first publication in 1942.

This list contains all the eligible stories in my library (according to my database).  I only listed volumes that contain at least one unique eligible story, but I did leave in story duplications if they appeared in more than one of these books.  This list may help you identify eligible stories that you have already read.  It may help you identify volumes that you have that contain eligible stories.  Or it may be useful as a starting point for finding these stories in other volumes or on the internet (places like for example).  For finding other volumes in which these stories appear, I suggest using (paste the story title in the search box and choose ‘Fiction Titles’ from the pull down menu).

The format of this list, or how to interpret what you are looking at: Titles of volumes containing eligible stories begin with three equal signs (===).  Stories themselves are preceded by one hyphen (-).  Story titles are followed by the author’s name, then a two letter code for the nomination category (length).  n. = novel / na = novella / nv = novelette / ss = short story.  I have not verified these categories, so I suggest verifying both eligibility year and length before casting your ballot.  I should also mention that I have not included author pseudonyms, so don’t be surprised if a different name is given as the author for some of these stories.

This is nowhere near a complete list of eligible stories, but I suspect that this list contains the majority of eventual finalists (at least in the short categories).  And don’t forget that the nomination ballot deadline is March 16th.


===Isaac Asimov Presents The Great Science Fiction Stories Volume 4, 1942 – eds. Asimov & Greenberg  (Isaac Asimov Presents: The Golden Years of Science Fiction: Second Series has all but 2 of these stories)
-The Star Mouse – Frederic Brown – nv
-The Wings of Night – Lester Del Rey – ss
-Cooperate – Or Else! – A. E. van Vogt – nv
-Foundation – Isaac Asimov – nv
-The Push of a Finger – Alfred Bester – na
-Asylum – A. E. van Vogt – na
-Proof – Hal Clement – ss
-Nerves – Lester del Rey – na
-Barrier – Anthony Boucher – na
-The Twonky – Henry Kuttner – nv
-QRM-Interplanetary – George O. Smith – nv
-The Weapons Shop – A. E. van Vogt – nv
-Mimic – Donald A. Wollheim – ss

===Adventures in Time and Space – ed. Raymond J. Healy & J. Francis McComas
-Nerves – Lester del Rey – na
-The Link – Cleve Cartmill – ss
-Asylum – A. E. van Vogt – nv
-The Twonky – Lewis Padgett – nv
-The Star Mouse – Fredric Brown – ss

===Classic Science Fiction: The First Golden Age – ed. Terry Carr
-Child of the Green Light – Leigh Brackett – nv
-Victory Unintentional – Isaac Asimov – ss
-The Twonky – Henry Kuttner – nv
-Storm Warning – Donald A. Wollheim – ss

===Journey to Infinity – ed. Martin Greenberg
-Breakdown – Jack Williamson – nv
-There Shall Be Darkness – C. L. Moore – nv
-Overthrow – Cleve Cartmill – na

===Treasury of Science Fiction, A – ed. Groff Conklin
-With Flaming Swords – Cleve Cartmill – na
-The Embassy – Donald A. Wollheim – ss
-Tools – Clifford D. Simak – nv

===Unknown Worlds: Tales from Beyond – ed. Stanley Schmidt & Martin H. Greenberg
-The Refugees – Frank Belknap Long – ss
-Hell Is Forever – Alfred Bester – na
-The Hag Seleen – Theodore Sturgeon & James H. Beard – nv

===Golden Age of Science Fiction, The (vt Best of Science Fiction) – ed. Groff Conklin
-Goldfish Bowl – Robert A. Heinlein – nv
-Jackdaw – Ross Rocklynne – nv

===Invaders of Earth – ed. Groff Conklin
-Storm Warning – Donald A. Wollheim – ss
-Not Only Dead Men – A. E. van Vogt – ss

===Omnibus of Science Fiction, The – ed. Groff Conklin
-Recruiting Station (vt Masters of Time) – A. E. van Vogt – na
-Heritage – Robert Abernathy – nv

===Science Fiction Adventures in Dimension – ed. Groff Conklin
-The Flight That Failed (vt Rebirth: Earth) – A. E. van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull – nv
-To Follow Knowledge – Frank Belknap Long – nv

===Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Treasury – eds. Olander & Greenberg & Asimov
-Secret Unattainable – A. E. van Vogt – na

===Knights of Madness – ed. Peter Haining
-The Little Man Who Wasn’t All There – Robert Bloch – ss

===Men Hunting Things – ed. David Drake
-Gentlemen, The Queen! – Wilson Tucker – ss

===Rainbow Fantasia; 35 Spectrumatic Tales of Wonder – ed. Forrest J. Ackerman
-The White Lady – Dorothy Quick – ss

===Treasury of Great Science Fiction, A, Volume One – ed. Anthony Boucher
-Waldo – Robert A. Heinlein – na

===Treasury of Great Science Fiction, A, Volume Two – ed. Anthony Boucher
-Piggy Bank – Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore – nv

===Worlds to Come – ed. Damon Knight
-Sunken Universe – James Blish – nv

Author Collections

===Complete Robot, The – Isaac Asimov
-Robot AL-76 Goes Astray – Isaac Asimov – ss
-Victory Unintentional – Isaac Asimov – ss
-Runaround – Isaac Asimov – nv

===Early Asimov or, Eleven Years of Trying, The – Isaac Asimov
-The Imaginary – Isaac Asimov – ss
-The Hazing – Isaac Asimov – ss
-Time Pussy – Isaac Asimov – ss
-Christmas on Ganymede – Isaac Asimov – ss
-Black Friar of the Flame – Isaac Asimov – nv

===Foundation – Isaac Asimov
-Foundation (vt The Encyclopedists) – Isaac Asimov – nv
-Bridle and Saddle (vt The Mayors) – Isaac Asimov – nv

===Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman (fixup, stories altered from original) – Nelson Bond
-The Ghost of Lancelot Biggs [Chapter 11] – Nelson Bond – ss
-The Return of Lancelot Biggs [Chapters 12-13] – Nelson Bond – ss
-The Love Song of Lancelot Biggs [Chapters 16-18] – Nelson Bond – nv
-Mr. Biggs Goes to Town [Chapters 22-24] – Nelson Bond – ss

===Other Worlds Than Ours – Nelson Bond
-Luxury Liner – Nelson S. Bond – nv
-Jessifer Rides Again – Nelson S. Bond – nv
-Gods of the Jungle – Nelson S. Bond – n.
-Colossus of Chaos – Nelson S. Bond – nv
-Captain Chaos – Nelson S. Bond – ss

===Compleat Boucher, The – Anthony Boucher
-The Complete Werewolf (vt The Compleat Werewolf) – Anthony Boucher – nv
-Barrier – Anthony Boucher – na
-The Ghost of Me – Anthony Boucher – ss

===Martian Quest: The Early Brackett – Leigh Brackett
-Child of the Green Light – Leigh Brackett – ss
-The Sorcerer of Rhiannon – Leigh Brackett – nv
-Child of the Sun – Leigh Brackett – nv
-Out of the Sea – Leigh Brackett – ss
-Cube from Space – Leigh Brackett – nv
-Outpost on Io – Leigh Brackett – ss

===Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury: A Critical Edition: Volume I: 1938-1943 – Ray Bradbury
-The Candle – Ray Bradbury – ss
-Eat, Drink and Be Wary – Ray Bradbury – ss

===Escape on Venus (fixup, stories altered from original) – Edgar Rice Burroughs
-War on Venus – Edgar Rice Burroughs – na

===Savage Pellucidar – Edgar Rice Burroughs
-The Return to Pellucidar – Edgar Rice Burroughs – nv
-Men of the Bronze Age – Edgar Rice Burroughs – na
-Tiger Girl – Edgar Rice Burroughs – na

===Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, The – Arthur C. Clarke
-The Awakening – Arthur C. Clarke – ss
-Whacky – Arthur C. Clarke – ss

===Essential Hal Clement, The, Volume. 2: Music of Many Spheres – Hal Clement
-Proof – Hal Clement – ss
-Impediment – Hal Clement – nv
-Avenue of Escape – Hal Clement – ss

===Scribblings – L. Sprague de Camp
-The Effects of Time Travel – L. Sprague de Camp – ss
-The Negative Wugug – L. Sprague de Camp – ss

===Robots and Magic: Selected Short Stories of Lester Del Rey. Volume 2 – Lester Del Rey
-Though Poppies Grow – Lester del Rey – nv

===Fourth Book of Jorkens, The – Lord Dunsany
-On the Other Side of the Sun – Lord Dunsany – ss
-The Khamseen – Lord Dunsany – ss
-The Welcome – Lord Dunsany – ss

===Off the Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction Stories of Robert A. Heinlein
-“My Object All Sublime” – Robert A. Heinlein – ss
-Pied Piper – Robert A. Heinlein – ss

===Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, The – Robert A. Heinlein
-The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag – Robert A. Heinlein – na

===His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C.M. Kornbluth
-The Golden Road – C. M. Kornbluth – nv
-Masquerade – C. M. Kornbluth – ss
-The Perfect Invasion – C. M. Kornbluth – nv
-Crisis! – C. M. Kornbluth – ss
-The Core – C. M. Kornbluth – nv

===Thunder in the Void – Henry Kuttner
-The Crystal Circe – Henry Kuttner – na
-War-Gods of the Void – Henry Kuttner – nv
-Thunder in the Void – Henry Kuttner – nv
-We Guard the Black Planet! – Henry Kuttner – nv

===Two-Handed Engine: The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore
-The Twonky – Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore – nv
-Compliments of the Author – Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore – nv

===Leiber Chronicles, The – Fritz Leiber
-The Hound – Fritz Leiber – ss

===Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions – Fritz Leiber
-The Power of the Puppets – Fritz Leiber – ss
-The Hill and the Hole – Fritz Leiber – ss

===Swords Against Death – Fritz Leiber
-The Sunken Land – Fritz Leiber – ss

===Men, Martians and Machines – Eric Frank Russell
-Mechanistria – Eric Frank Russell – nv

===Microcosmic God, Volume II: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon
-The Jumper – Theodore Sturgeon & James H. Beard – ss

===Killdozer!, Volume III: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon
-Medusa – Theodore Sturgeon – nv
-The Hag Seleen – Theodore Sturgeon & James H. Beard – nv

===Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer – Jack Williamson
-Collision Orbit – Jack Williamson – nv

Novels  (apparently I don’t have many novels from 1942)

-Gods of the Jungle – Nelson S. Bond – n.
-Solomon’s Stone – L. Sprague de Camp – n.
-Undesired Princess, The – L. Sprague de Camp – n.
-Beyond This Horizon – Robert A. Heinlein – n.
-Screwtape Letters, The – C. S. Lewis – n.
-Second Stage Lensman – Edward E. Smith – n.


The following series are eligible for Best Series Retro Hugo 1943 (as far as I can tell). Related titles can be found in the above lists.

-Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs
-Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs
-Lensman by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith
-Jorkens by Lord Dunsany

As stated, many more titles are eligible than I have here.  This is just a quick and dirty list from my library.  I hope you find it useful.

P.S.  If you are wondering if I have written any stories eligible for the 2018 Hugos, the answer is yes.  Both “Toasterpocalypse” & “Spooky Action” are eligible in the short story category.  See the short stories menu at the top of the page for more information on where they were published, etc…